Alpha Omega Hex Consulting

Who we are:

Alpha Omega Hex Consulting is an Interdisciplinary Advisory Service. 

We offer innovative solutions to facilitate growth and long-term sustainability of our partners using Non-Zero-Sum methods. 

What is Non-Zero-Sum?

The idea that in order to win, one must make others loose is a Zero-Sum game. The idea that in order to win, one must align the interests of all stakeholders in a mutually beneficial arrangement is a Non-Zero-Sum game. The former is a first order game of scarcity, and the latter is a higher order game of sustainable abundance.

At Alpha Omega Hex Consulting, when preparing to tackle any issue, we strive to establish the big picture by understanding the perspectives of all stakeholders, business, consumer, and community needs, and variables that contribute to the best solution. 

Just a phone call away

No Job is too big, or to small.

We can do Anything.

We are available to be contracted out to think tanks, focus groups, team building seminars, private advisory board meetings, or other events catered to your needs. Due to the broad range of our services, please reach out for a quote directly.